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Dr Seow Wan Tew

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Jan 2016 // read more
Clinical Incident Management - Professionalism in Risk Management
Dr Seow Wan Tew , Dr T Thirumoorthy
What are clinical incidents? A clinical incident is any unplanned event during the medical care of a patient, which causes, or has the potential to cause, unintended or unnecessary harm to a patient.1 The incident could be an adverse outcome where injury or harm is caused by medical management o...
Category: Professionalism

Dec 2015 // read more
Dr Seow Wan Tew , DR Lee See Muah
Medical professionals have a primary duty to inform patients of any medical information that would be important or material to the patients in making medical decisions for the present and future. Discussing significant adverse medical events with patients and people close to them is seen as an ethic...
Category: Medical Ethics , Professionalism , Medical Practice