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The SMA Centre for Medical Ethics and Professionalism (CMEP) hopes to provide doctors with a platform for life-long learning in the area of Medical Ethics, Health Law and Medical Practice.

The purpose of SMA CMEP is to develop and promote the art and science of medical ethics and medical care for the betterment of patient care and public health, in supporting a strong doctor-patient relationship. The SMA CMEP also hopes to provide leadership in areas of academic training, discussions and research, to support a high standard of medical professionalism.

Objectives of the SMA CMEP
Leadership and Education
  • Develop course materials to meet the needs of the training of medical doctors
  • Collaborate with other institutes or professional bodies for educational and research activities
  • Provide thought leadership to the community of medical doctors in development of professionalism, and ethics and health law through conducting courses, seminars, conventions and meetings.
Resource and Research
  • Develop position statements,articles of papers relating to medical ethics, professionalism, health law and medical practice
  • A resource centre on medical ethics, professionalism, health law and medical practice for the SMA members
  • Conduct discussions or initiate researches into areas of medical ethics, professionalism, health law and medical practice so as to further develop insights and knowledge into these areas.
Celebrating 15 years of SMA CMEP