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Sep 2018 // read more
Practising Within Competence
Dr Hairil Rizal Abdullah , Mr Lim Gim Hui
Introduction “Competence” is a term that carries substantial responsibility. Regardless of profession, when we say one is competent, certain expectations are raised. Airline pilots in their duties of flying passengers are held accountable to a set of standards. They are expected to ke...
Category: Professionalism
Topic: Collegiality , Communication , Conduct , Professional Accountability

Jul 2012 // read more
The Professional Role of the Doctor as a Colleague – Cultivating Healthy Collegiality, the Forgotten Pillar of Medical Professionalism
Dr T Thirumoorthy
Collegialityis a special relationship among and across professionals working towards a common beneficial purpose, characterised by respecting each other’s expertise and abilities to contribute towards this common end. The relationship encompasses features of learning from each other and helpin...
Category: Professionalism
Topic: Collegiality