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Jan 2018 // read more
Intellectual Disability and Mental Capacity Assessment
Dr Giles Tan , Dr Bhavani Sriram , Dr Wei Ker-Chiah , Dr T Thirumoorthy
Introduction Intellectual disability (ID) is a lifelong condition that occurs during an individual’s developmental years and can impair decision-making capacity. Other terms that are often used interchangeably include “mental retardation”, “mental handicap”, “d...
Category: Professionalism
Topic: Medical Education

Jul 2015 // read more
Guide to End-of-life Decision Making
Dr Anantham Devanand
Introduction End-of-life decisions can prove to be especially challenging to doctors because protecting our patients’ health is a central tenet of the profession. However, respecting life includes supporting quality of life right to its very end and there is no absolute obligation to prolon...
Category: Professionalism , Medical Ethics
Topic: Medical Education

Mar 2015 // read more
Principle of Primacy of Patient Welfare – The Fundamental Principle in Medical Professionalism and Practice
Dr T Thirumoorthy
This paper was originally delivered as a National University Hospital grand round presentation on 17 October 2014. The commitment to the primacy of patient welfare is a longstanding historical and fundamental principle held across all healthcare professionals. It embodies the internal core of cli...
Category: Medical Practice , Professionalism
Topic: Medical Education