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Feb 2017 // read more
Why There is a National Need for Trained Medical Expert Witness
Dr T Thirumoorthy
The evidence in a medical expert report and the testimony offered by a medical expert witness is often a critical component in arriving at an equitable, timely and fair decision in any medical dispute. This is applicable in the courts of law, especially for medical negligence cases, medical discipli...
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Topic: Medical Expert

Sep 2016 // read more
THE MENTAL CAPACITY ACT: Understanding the Legal Concepts in Providing Medical Care for Persons Lacking Capacity
Dr T Thirumoorthy
INTRODUCTION In 2015, it was estimated that one in ten persons over the age of 60 in Singapore suffers from dementia. Around 500,000 persons were hospitalised in Singapore in 2014, of which 35% (>170,000 persons) were over 65 years old. As such, doctors in clinical practice will be managing an...
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Feb 2015 // read more
Writing the Expert Report and Testifying in Court (Part 2)
Dr Joseph Sheares
Part 1 of this series can be found in last month’s issue of SMA News ( Difficulties in interpreting lawyer’s instructions and complying with expert’s brief Before writing his report, the expert must understand and clarify his brief and his lawyer’s...
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